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  • I picked up a second hand Digitakt at the weekend to pair with my Syntakt. Can’t wait to try out this Combo! Only thing is it seems to have a scratchy/noisy Master Volume pot. Is this common with the Digitakt? I’m gonna open her up and see if I can clean it.

    • Try turning the encoder back and forth 20-30 times to loosen any dirt and then blowing it out with some compressed air. Then repeat a few times. This will often fix it. If not you could try using some cleaning spray, but make sure you use a lubricant afterwards as the cleaning agent will remove the grease and this will eventually make the encoder worse.

      • Thanks, I have some compressed air so will give that a go first. Do you need to actually open the unit up or do you mean just pull the knob cap off and spray from there?

        • You can try blowing it out from above but it might need opening up. Did you manage to fix it?

          • I tried blowing it out from above a few weeks ago and it didn’t work, so I opened her up today and tried from inside and it’s definitely better, but it’s not completely gone. Strange thing though is that I’ve notice my Syntakt (which is obviously only a few months old) also has a slightly noisy volume too (although nothing like the Digitakt had). I’m guessing this is common/normal so I’m just going to stop worrying about it.

  • I always really enjoy Dave Mech’s “found sounds” videos in the Digitakt. very inspiring. I need to have a go myself at some point.

  • Saved by the Digitakt // How it became my DAWLESS Centre Piece

    • I never really thought about using it as the center of my setup as it has no song mode. It’s definitely a very capable box though.

      • My Postsly I never use song mode, I capture the audio (multitrack via overbridge) and do the arrangement in my DAW

      • You can easily use the pattern chaining to build up different patterns into a song. I tend to create a pattern, copy it 16 times, then use Pattern Mutes to bring different elements in and out. You can go into the scale mode and set the number of times each pattern plays. Once you’re done you can chain all 16 patterns to play your “song” :-D.


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