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  • Import this backup file to your Korg Electribe 2 (Grey/Blue) to install the Hacktribe Firmware Hack. This will give your regular electribe 2 the sampling capabilities (from the electribe 2 sampler), more IFX, grooves, and scales, and an expanded MIDI implementation. Make sure your electribe 2 is on firmware version 2.02 before installing the backup. If you pefer, you can perform the firmware hack yourself and generate your own backup file using the instructions on the Hacktribe GitHub page.

    Note: If you want to install the Hacktribe…Read More
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Discussion group for users of Korg Electribes, including the new electribe 2 and electribe 2 sampler. as well as the classic EA1, ER1, ES1, EM1, EA-1 mkII, ER-1 mkII, ES-1 mkII, ESX-1/SD and EMX-1 /SD models.

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