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  • I’m selling a Roland SH-01A for £250. It’s in perfect condition. I just don’t use it anymore since getting an SH-4d. It sounds better for 101 sounds but I just find using a multitimbral synth more convenient than using lots of boutiques. UK sale only. Bank transfer or PayPal accepted (F&F or you pay the fees).

    I’m also selling a boutique dock DK-01 separately for £50 if anyone is interested.

  • Selling my Elektron Digitone. It’s in perfect condition. I find I don’t really use it now I have the Syntakt. Sale is for UK only. Looking for £475 plus postage. PM me if interested 🙂

  • I’m selling a Behringer TD-3 Blue. It’s in mint condition with original box and adapter.

    U.K. and PayPal only. Looking for £75 plus postage. Please PM me if interested 🙂

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Post your synths for sale or trade, or if you’re looking to buy a synth then post your wanted items here.

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