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    • I’ve moved my computer desk and file server to the other side of the room, so I can get my new dedicated DAW PC set up next to my synths. I need to get a better desk instead of the cheap walmart table, but this will have to do for now.

    • Hi synth peeps… I’m here from Gearspace. Look forward to whatever synth talk comes up here. I have a big pile of synths from Moog, Sequential, Yamaha, ASM and more. And an Elektron Model:Samples.

      • Really excited to see this community grow! 😃
        That’s a nice selection of synths, do you have a YouTube channel?

        • Here’s what my setup looks like at the moment. Just everything piled into a 6-tier Jaspers stand. I want to get a better desk for the DAW PC and a controller and rearrange things to be more ergonomic, but that’s down the road. I also need to work on acoustic treatments.

          I built this all up starting in 2018 after my wife left me, so I call it the “Jilted Husband Studio”. lol

          For the gear freaks, here’s a list of everything:
          Top tier, left to right: Behringer Neutron above Arturia Keystep, Moog Werkstatt-01 above Moog Sirin,…Read More

        • Looks great! 🙂 How did you mount the Neutron at the Jaspers? Looks like it is levitating over the Keystep. 😉

          • I used large arms and attached small blocks of wood to the arms behind the Keystep that the Neutron rests against. If you zoom in you can see them. The Werkstatt sits behind the Sirin the same way.

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      kpatzsc posted in the group Moog user

      Moog has re-re-issued the Minimoog Model D, in a gorgeous Appalachian cherry case.

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