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  • I just came off a live chat with the Roland SH-4d Synthesizer 😎

  • I’ve been reading the manual and I can’t see a way to reverse a drum sound in the Rhythm part. Does anyone know if there’s a way to do this?

    • I took a look at this for you and unfortunately I can’t find a way to reverse drum hits on the SH-4d. I know you can do it on the MC-101 and MC-707 by increasing the key offset to +24 but there’s no way to do this on the SH-4d. I tried increasing the pitch to maximum but it doesn’t reverse the sample. I thought that maybe there would be some reversed drums in the Rhythm PCMs but I checked and there isn’t.

      • Oh that’s a shame. I don’t have mine yet so was hoping it was something I’d missed in the manual. Hopefully they’ll add this in a future firmware update.

        • I stand corrected! I just experimented more and some of the sounds (but not all) do go into reverse when Layer 1/2 Course Tune is set from +24 to +48.

          • That’s awesome, thanks for rechecking this! I’m always using reverse cymbals in my beats before a drop etc. so glad you can do this! Can’t wait to get my SH-4d!!

            • So I went through and made a list of the drum tones that can be reversed. No cymbals as far as I could see!

              Kicks 096-101

              Snares 151-153, 173-180

              Hats 216-219

              Toms 278-280
Bongos 419-423

              Congas 424-437

              Timbale 438-441, 443-446

              Tabla 447-453
Hits 458-459

              TB Blip 460
Steel Gtr 477

  • I know there aren’t many people with the Sh-4d yet, but I wondered if anyone who has it already has tried sending or receiving program change messages (PCM’s) with other gear?

    I can’t seem to get it to change patterns at the same time with most of my other gear. I’ve tested it with the UNO Synth Pro, Digitakt and Syntakt so far but it always changes one bar late. It seems to work well with the Roland T-8 though and both change patterns together in perfect sync, but I guess that’s because they are both made by the same manufactu…Read More

    • The Elektrons don’t seem to send the PC message until the pattern has actually changed, which means which ever machine is receiving the message still needs to cue up the next pattern resulting in it changing pattern one bar later.

      • This makes sense, but then why does my UNO Synth Pro change in perfect sync with the Digitakt but not the SH-4d? Wouldn’t this indicate that it’s a Roland issue?

        • It’s probably because the Uno synth is changing to a new patch and not a pattern (sequences are saved with each patch) so it changes immediately. Whereas the SH-4d is a pattern-based machine so it needs to cue the next pattern after receiving the message.

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