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    • Hello all, I have an issue with my new sh-4d that I’m curious whether it’s an unique issue to my particular device or is common to others…
      If I power my device to a powered USB computer hub or direct to the computer in any combination I can hear a grounding hum – the only option I’ve found that I can get the hum to disappear is to power the sh-4d with batteries or a USB power bank… which is fine, but when I’m working with the sh-4d in the studio, it would be better to power it with a constant electrical source which I have not figured out how to do without the hum which shows up…Read More

      • This is a common issue on many of Roland’s USB powered synths. AFAIK, you could try a USB isolator cable, or use a separate USB power supply like a phone charger to power the SH-4d, and use DIN MIDI instead of USB.

      • Yes it’s a common problem when powering synths from the PC USB port. I have experienced it with my Roland SH-4d and T-8, and the Uno Synth Pro. As @kpatzsc said, it’s best to power separately if you can. I’ve also seen people recommend using a USB isolator so maybe worth having a look at something like this…

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