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    • This is a lengthy post, but any feedback is greatly appreciated! During the last few months, I researched sounds I like (that I plan to incorporate into workflow) in tandem with gear that can make them. I’m not out to obtain a ton of gear since the focus is to build a base of tools, (mostly hardware since I’m more of a fan of that than software, although I know there are some great digital tools. Thankfully I can afford to obtain gear, but not at the level of owning an original Linn LM2 or a Jupiter 8. I’m not after creating music/sound in one genre, but there is a lean towar…Read More

      • The main downsides to the Bass Station 2 are the shared knobs/sliders for the oscillators and envelopes. Other than I can highly recommend it. I can’t say I’d recommend any of the sequencers as you’ll soon grow out of them with the setup you’re looking at. Maybe take a look at the Oxi One?

      • What did you go for in the end?

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