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      2 months ago

      Hi All,

      This is a lengthy post, but any feedback is greatly appreciated! During the last few months, I researched sounds I like (that I plan to incorporate into workflow) in tandem with gear that can make them. I’m not out to obtain a ton of gear since the focus is to build a base of tools, (mostly hardware since I’m more of a fan of that than software, although I know there are some great digital tools. Thankfully I can afford to obtain gear, but not at the level of owning an original Linn LM2 or a Jupiter 8. I’m not after creating music/sound in one genre, but there is a lean toward ambient / soundtrack-y material (think Boards of Canada), 80’s synth pop, and sounds from CFCF, Daniel Lanois, Depeche Mode, Kavinsky, LCD Soundsytem, Massive Attack, Metronomy, OMD, Radiohead, Talking Heads, etc.

      Juno 106:
      I have one and enjoy the sound and function so far and would like to add arp and sequencing. What are your thoughts on the KIWI-106 mod? I’ve come across this in a lot of the 106 forums, but not pressured to make the mod other than being curious if it’s “the way to go” to add arp and sequencing and don’t want to compromise the original / stock 106 setup. Therefore, is getting an external source for arp and sequencing a better option? I just obtained an OB-6. With that in mind, could I MIDI the 106 to the OB6 and use its arpeggiator (and other functions such as transmitting the sequence?)

      I like the complimentary setup of the 106 and OB-6 and would like to add the standard tools such a mono/bass synth, drum machine/sampler, and a sequencer. There are so many ways to obtain the functions of these devices, but figured you all in the synth world would be able to provide a healthy range of “pros and cons” / do’s and don’ts suggestions based on the list below of new and older gear. Feel free to add any to the list. Many thanks!!!

      – Sequential Pro3. Better than SH 101 based on newer tech?
      – Roland SH 101. No MIDI, but can add it.

      Bass Synths:
      – Novation Bass Station 2. Can’t find many negative things about it.
      – Arturia Microbrute. No patch save. Limited MIDI.

      – Korg SQ 64
      – Korg SQ 1
      – Arturia KeyStep. Can’t save an arpeggio into a sequence and can’t record pitch bend, Mod Wheel or Aftertouch into a sequence?
      – Arturia BeatStep PRO Black Edition – Steep learning curve, more features than Korg SQ1.

      Drum Machines / Samplers:
      – Roland T-8. Too limited? Portlable
      – Arturia Drumbrute. Same analog sounds/no import. MIDI. Steep learning curve.
      – Roland TR8-S.
      – MFB-Tanzbar.
      – Elektron Digitakt. Steep learning curve.
      – Sequential Tempest 6.
      – Alesis SR-16. Easy to learn/intro grade.
      – Roland SP404. Battery powered only.
      – Akai. MPC-1000. Can load samples from other drum machines. Should have pads replaced and upgraded software.
      – Sonicware LIVEN Lofi-12.
      – AKAI S1000.

      Dynaudio BM5A MKII


      Roland E-4

      Sennheiser HD 25

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      • The main downsides to the Bass Station 2 are the shared knobs/sliders for the oscillators and envelopes. Other than I can highly recommend it. I can’t say I’d recommend any of the sequencers as you’ll soon grow out of them with the setup you’re looking at. Maybe take a look at the Oxi One?

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