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      Alex posted in the group Synth News & Events

      4 months, 1 week ago

      The new Behringer PRO VS MINI is now available for preorder for $99/£89.

      Based on the 1986 Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. It’s a 4 voice hybrid synthesizer; touch keyboard with 27 keys; 16 vector oscillators with wavetable synthesis and 128 waveforms; morphing of all 4 oscillators via joystick; analog 24dB low-pass filter; 16-step sequencer; Arpeggiator with 3 different patterns; built-in chorus effect; Envelope for filter, amp and oscillator mixer; analog filter with cutoff and resonance. USB powered.

      • Sounds good. Seems odd it doesn’t have battery power though, as it seems to be competing with the Volca’s and Roland Compacts.

      • Sounds great for the price. I think this will sell very well!

      • Another good audio demo…
      • I received mine last week. Vector synthesis is pretty cool. It sounds amazing 😎

      • I received mine yesterday and noticed they’ve just released a firmware update to address some of the early user feedback including the sound of the wavetables/oscillators.

        1. Three Oscillator Modes: Discover new sonic horizons with our three distinct oscillator modes: Modern, Modern Bright, and Vintage.
        2. Master Tune Control: Precision is at your fingertips. You can now fine-tune your instrument with the new Master Tune control, allowing adjustments from 432Hz to 448Hz.
        3. Enhanced Control: We’ve introduced a new CC #47 to seamlessly manage the Filter Envelope Amount.
        4. MIDI Preset Changes support, you can now easily navigate your preset externally
        5. Pattern and Program Management: The new parameter enables you to link and unlink pattern and program numbers. to suit your needs.
        6. Improved Key #16 Sensitivity: Enhanced sensitivity on Key #16 for greater consistency.

        • I actually thought it already sounded pretty good, but nice to have more oscillator options. I wish Roland were this quick to add new features to the SH-4d.

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