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      Alex posted in the group Synth News & Events

      3 months, 4 weeks ago

      Looks like the Behringer JT-4000 Micro Synth is now available for preorder. Looks good for the price.

      • Supposedly this synth is paraphonic with all voices sharing the analog filter, but that last demo with the droning bass and a melody with clearly enveloped filters over it seem to indicate otherwise. Unless they multi tracked that demo which would be misleading as far as the synth’s actual capabilities.

        It’s an interesting concept and it does sound pretty good.

      • These are in stock now and was about to buy when I noticed it didn’t have DIN MIDI, only via USB. I thought they would have at least added TRS MIDI. I can’t imagine there’s many dawless folks that will buy this.

        • There’s a few bits of hardware than can sequence this via USB including the MPC One and the Oxi One, but I agree that the lack of DIN MIDI makes the JT-4000 difficult to integrate. I think they’ve made a mistake making it USB MIDI only.

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