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      1 year, 8 months ago

      I have updated my bank of 32 presets inspired by the SH-101 and the MC-101 & MC-707. To install place the “SH-101 patches” project file inside the “Project” folder on your MC-707 or MC-101. Each preset has been saved in an individual clip so you can demo them or load the presets into your own projects.

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      • Thanks for these patches. They actually sound really close to the original SH-101. Can you give some details of how you created these?

        • It’s quite easy to set up an authentic SH-101 patch using the MC-707s four partials. There is actually a patch setup in the project for you with these defaults to start from.

          PTL 1 = Square wave, PTL 2 = Saw. PTL 3 = Square (to match the three sub settings of the SH-101, either at -12, -24, or -24 with 96 PW), PTL 4 = PCM -> White Noise

          Use the VCF (Flat). Filter slope -24dB. Set Key Tracking to taste between 0 and 127. 

          In the Sound Settings turn on Portamento if you want it, then select Legato On or Off as needed. 

          For Gate mode, use the Amp envelope at Attack 0, Decay 0, Sustain 127, Release 0, then use the Filter Env Amt (positive values only) and the Filter envelope to shape the filter.

          Adjust the Cutoff/Resonance. For Envelope mode, make sure the AMP ENV and FILTER ENV have identical settings as there’s only one envelope on the SH-101. 

          Assign either the Triangle, Square, Random or Noise waveform to LFO and use it to modulate Cutoff or Pitch. 

          Use the PWM setting to modulate the PW of Partial 2. I found setting the Sys Ctrl knob to Filter Env Decay is really useful, you can set your three performance knobs to Cutoff, Resonance and Filter Env Decay for live tweaking.

      • Thank you for sharing, how can we install the presets in the MC707?

        • Roland haven’t given us a way to save banks/presets on the MC-707, so the patches have been saved to clips in a project which you need to copy to the project folder on your SD card.

          When you want to load one of the presets to a clip you need to press the Sound button and then choose to load the sound from another project, and then select the clip you want to load from. I just checked and it describes it on page 26 of the reference manual (screenshot attached).

      • Great patches, thanks

      • Great patches, thanks for posting. I’m new to the sound modeling piece and wondering if you have tips for getting that classic key trigger sh sound. Specifically looking to model the bass sound on this devo song:
        Any tips would be great. Thanks!

        • I’m sorry I don’t have the MC-707 anymore so can’t help you there! Maybe try and find some SH-101 sound design tutorials and then translate the settings over to the MC-707. There’s an SH starter patch in the project that might help, with all the default settings that I used to create the patches. Might be a good starting point 🙂

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