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    I’m selling a Roland SH-01A for £250. It’s in perfect condition. I just don’t use it anymore since getting an SH-4d. It sounds better for 101 sounds but I just find using a multitimbral synth more convenient than using lots of boutiques. UK sale only. Bank transfer or PayPal accepted (F&F or you pay the fees).

    I’m also selling a boutique dock DK-01 separately for £50 if anyone is interested.

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    Selling Brand New Polyend Tacker with full warranty and proof of purchase ( gear4Music ) bought mid Sept 2023 to test it but not fitting my setup. Asking Euro 500 + Paypal Buyer Protection fees
    if anyone interested 🙂

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    A great video from EZBOT with SURCO showing how he uses the Oxi One to sequence the Elektron Syntakt for his live sets.

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    Selling my Elektron Digitone. It’s in perfect condition. I find I don’t really use it now I have the Syntakt. Sale is for UK only. Looking for £475 plus postage. PM me if interested 🙂

  • I see that Arturia have released a new TB-303 software emulation called Acid V. I’m just downloading the demo now! Interested to see how it holds up against AudioRealism’s Bassline 3. Anyone tried it yet? Thoughts?


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    • I had a play around with it and thought it was really good. Not sure I’d buy it though as I already have several other VST TB-303 clones and, if I’m honest, these days you can get a hardware clone for the same price.

  • Import this backup file to your Korg Electribe 2 (Grey/Blue) to install the Hacktribe Firmware Hack. This will give your regular electribe 2 the sampling capabilities (from the electribe 2 sampler), more IFX, grooves, and scales, and an expanded MIDI implementation. Make sure your electribe 2 is on firmware version 2.02 before installing the backup. If you pefer, you can perform the firmware hack yourself and generate your own backup file using the instructions on the Hacktribe GitHub page.

    Note: If you want to install the Hacktribe Firmware on your Korg Electribe 2 Sampler…Read More

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    • Hey Char – I’d like to confirm have you heard of others using this method to update the blue Electribe? Seems to me that if it was successful for you it would be successful for anyone? (provided the exact same steps were taken)

    • I just bought a second hand electribe 2 that has the Hacktribe firmware preinstalled. Do you know if you can perform a factory reset without losing the additional features?

  • Faderfox EC4 Setups for Pioneer Toraiz AS-1

    Toraiz AS-1 v2023-04-23 (Faderfox EC4).zip
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    • The Oxi One is probably the best MIDI controller I’ve ever used! I plan on making some video tutorials and recording some jams soon so will post them here!

  • I just bought an electribe 2 on eBay to use with my Oxi One. This will be the third time I’ve had one, both were sold previously as I couldn’t stand using the crappy sequencer. But after recently picking up an Oxi One MIDI Sequencer I figured they’d make a great pair. Basically just using the electribe as a sound module with the Oxi controlling everything. Both are battery powered and have TRS Type A MIDI ports so I should just be able to connect them with a single 3.5mm audio cable for MIDI. Should be a fun combo. I’ll let you know how I get on and maybe post some videos!

  • Hello all, I have an issue with my new sh-4d that I’m curious whether it’s an unique issue to my particular device or is common to others…
    If I power my device to a powered USB computer hub or direct to the computer in any combination I can hear a grounding hum – the only option I’ve found that I can get the hum to disappear is to power the sh-4d with batteries or a USB power bank… which is fine, but when I’m working with the sh-4d in the studio, it would be better to power it with a constant electrical source which I have not figured out how to do without the hum which shows up…Read More

    • This is a common issue on many of Roland’s USB powered synths. AFAIK, you could try a USB isolator cable, or use a separate USB power supply like a phone charger to power the SH-4d, and use DIN MIDI instead of USB.

    • Yes it’s a common problem when powering synths from the PC USB port. I have experienced it with my Roland SH-4d and T-8, and the Uno Synth Pro. As @kpatzsc said, it’s best to power separately if you can. I’ve also seen people recommend using a USB isolator so maybe worth having a look at something like this… https://hifimediy.com/product/usb-isolator/

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