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      Alex posted in the group Elektron Digitakt Users

      1 year, 4 months ago

      I picked up a second hand Digitakt at the weekend to pair with my Syntakt. Can’t wait to try out this Combo! Only thing is it seems to have a scratchy/noisy Master Volume pot. Is this common with the Digitakt? I’m gonna open her up and see if I can clean it.

      • Try turning the encoder back and forth 20-30 times to loosen any dirt and then blowing it out with some compressed air. Then repeat a few times. This will often fix it. If not you could try using some cleaning spray, but make sure you use a lubricant afterwards as the cleaning agent will remove the grease and this will eventually make the encoder worse.

        • Thanks, I have some compressed air so will give that a go first. Do you need to actually open the unit up or do you mean just pull the knob cap off and spray from there?

          • You can try blowing it out from above but it might need opening up. Did you manage to fix it?

            • I tried blowing it out from above a few weeks ago and it didn’t work, so I opened her up today and tried from inside and it’s definitely better, but it’s not completely gone. Strange thing though is that I’ve notice my Syntakt (which is obviously only a few months old) also has a slightly noisy volume too (although nothing like the Digitakt had). I’m guessing this is common/normal so I’m just going to stop worrying about it.


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